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Online Personal Training Programmes & Sessions tailored to better your health

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Online Personal Trainer

Hi, I'm Katie

I'm a fully-qualified, REPS- accredited Personal Trainer and Gym Instructor

Using my background in performance netball and Biomedical Science, I'm here to help you improve your health and wellbeing through online personal training programmes and sessions designed exclusively for your goals, whether that be to tone up, build muscle, lose fat or support your athletic performance.


Personal Training Programmes & Sessions

Entirely personalised to suit you

No two people are the same, so no two programmes should be either. Our personalised training approach takes account of your fitness, equipment, circumstances, lifestyle, age and gender to ensure that you can reap maximal benefits from exercise and physical activity.


Katie is a great Personal Trainer. Her background in Netball and Biomedical Science means she really knows her stuff and she listens and takes the time to personalise workouts to suit.


I've always been a runner and cardio person and always believed that sweating and exhaustion were the most effective methods, however as I was nearing I milestone birthday I decided I needed to tone certain areas, my arms (bingo wings) and back. I didn't want anything that took up too much time and Katie listened to what I wanted and worked out 5 x 15 min workouts for these areas a week. These weekly programmes are easy to follow with detailed descriptions and accompanying videos to explain further how to carry out the exercises. Katie was on hand by video call to explain anything further and check I was doing the exercises correctly and to follow up regularly to keep me motivated and see what worked best for me to incorporate into the next weekly programme. I found the exercises fun to do and started to see results quickly.


I was then going on holiday and couldn't run there so I asked Katie to provide me with some more cardio type workouts that I could do whilst away. She supplied me with a weekly HIIT and full body workout programme that I find easy to do. Having never done these types of workouts before I am really enjoying them and have kept them up since getting back.


She does all the thinking and planning for me and I just get on with doing the exercise and seeing the results. I would highly recommend her to anyone.


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