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Meet Katie

AtHome GetFit provides personalised training in the comfort of your home

In this day and age, generic isn't quite enough. My degree and experience has taught me that everyone is different and optimising health requires unique approaches for everyone. 

AtHome GetFit's approach is truly personal. It takes account of your fitness levels, age, gender, lifestyle, equipment access, time constraints, goals and importantly, your feelings about exercise. Also, it shouldn't cost the earth so we've made sure that the sessions and programmes are accessible and affordable.

Online Personal Trainer

I'm a fully-qualified, REPS- accredited Personal Trainer and Gym Instructor

Sport and fitness has always played a central role in my life, culminating in my participation in performance netball for over 5 years. Knowing the benefits of exercise myself, I qualified as a Personal Trainer to help confer these benefits to others.

Outside of exercise, I'm also fascinated by the wider wellness space, choosing to study Biomedical Sciences at the University of Birmingham. My degree enhanced my understanding of the human body and my desire to keep mine and others' optimal through health and wellness.


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